Menopausal flashes really are a common and troubling characteristic of the change of life. They may be relieved by hormone alternative therapy (HRT) however, some women have health conditions that preclude their use or simply would rather avoid hormonal preparation. Dr. Richard Fain, MD, FACOG, is really a board licensed obstetrician doctor who supports the opinion that Relizen is really a non-hormonal product which can relieve menopausal flashes. I consulted him to get the reasoning behind his strong curiosity about the merchandise.

Relizen Overviewwhy Relizen

Relizen is really a scientifically-examined, non-hormonal, all-natural product which was particularly made to target probably the most annoying signs and symptoms connected with menopause – menopausal flashes. There have been numerous studies carried out relating to this product and all sorts of have resulted in support of Relizen.

In a single study, Relizen was discovered to lessen the regularity of menopausal flashes in 65% of participants as in comparison to simply 38% within the placebo group. Additionally, Relizen also reduces evening sweats as supported by research completed by over 400 women.

Who are able to take Relizen?

Relizen could be taken by women that are suffering from menopausal flashes and evening sweats like a menopause symptom. Women who are going through menopause but who aren’t struggling with the above-mentioned signs and symptoms might not benefit much out of this product.

Some women might be cautious about using Relizen since they’re allergic to pollen. However, Relizen talked about online they have used a higher-standard biotechnology tactic to make certain that just the cytoplasm from the pollen exists within the product and never the pollen husk the ingredient that causes allergic reactions. The factory that processes Relizen is frequently checked to make certain that it is free of allergens and can be standards.

Science Behind RelizenHow Relizen work

Relizen relieves menopausal flashes by working centrally in your body. The active component of Relizen the cytoplasm of the flower pollen present in Sweden consists of nutrition that reduces menopausal flashes and evening sweats.

Ingredients in Relizen

Relizen’s active component is gathered from the Swedish flower pollen extract which has greater than 180 nutrition. The pollen of the flower that develops within the cold, arid climate of Sweden has a double-edged sword: the pollen grain husk and also the cytoplasm. The previous part usually causes hay fever allergic reactions and it is separated in the latter part the cytoplasm utilizing a proprietary biotechnology process. The husk is thrown away as the cytoplasm is processed utilizing a specific formula and it is converted to Relizen.


“Best factor to occur to menopausal flashes ever! I had been getting such bad menopausal flashes (especially during the night) that my hubby required to over sleeping another room. Whenever we travel for work, I’d possess the room so cold poor people guy shivered. I began taking Relizen with little hope for something new however i am wrong. I’ve far less menopausal flashes, and my hubby has come back to the bed room. I’m able to honestly state that the only real unwanted effects I’ve had are that i’m sleeping better and I must share a mattress again (lol). I’ve been speaking in the achievement since in early stages. My physician even stated to continue the good work whether it works. Thanks, Relizen, to make my existence workable again!”

– Rebekah B.

“I’ve been fighting menopausal flashes for several years and haven’t found something that is needed with this so far. Relizen has labored for me personally perfectly. Relizen makes these episodes a lot more workable. The menopausal flashes still come but don’t last as lengthy because of they accustomed to. I am not sure how things might have switched out not getting found Relizen. It’s made existence and menopausal flashes a great deal simpler to deal with. I will keep taking it as lengthy when i can. I would suggest this to any or all women who are fighting the issues.”

– Brenda T.

Final Verdict

Relizen could be considered a higher-quality product since it is based on clinical tests. It features a trustworthy website and it is made by a great business. However, reviews of the product might not be fully reliable because these are published on the company’s website. The majority of its comments are highly positive (from product’s web site) but you will find some negative comments about this present in other sources. Although it’s great that Relizen particularly targets menopausal flashes and evening sweats, some women may search for something that provides more coverage. Generally, though, Relizen is really a highly natural and safe supplement and women who have finished getting erratic body temps should certainly try it out!

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