The elusive cure for acne has perplexed even the most qualified aesthetic and dermatological minds. The primary challenge in combating acne is that the causes are so extensive and specific to the individual that a universal product or treatment protocol is indispensable. In addition, there are several different grades of acne and each must be treated with a regimen that specifically addresses the causative and preventative factors for its unique symptoms.Strategy Ever for Healing Acne

Acne victims will tell you that they have tried every angle at subduing the beast making a daily spectacle of their appearance, but, today, we are seeing a new breed of acne, a super version of p. acnes that are so resilient that traditional avenues of treatment are not even scratching the surface of healing. Ironically, the most popular topical medicines being prescribed are often contributing to the problem by increasing the skins overall sensitivity resulting in thinner skin that is completely vulnerable to sun damage and the subsequent development of hyperpigmentation.

Other commonly prescribed treatments dry out the skin to the degree that the body’s homeostasis regulators, which constantly seek to balance our internal processes, get activated thereby stimulating the production of more oil.
What treatments are options available to knock down inflammation without increasing the skin’s vulnerability to hyperpigmentation or bombarding the body’s eliminatory pathways?

Ultrasound’s skin care technology utilizes iontophoresis, a non-invasive transport mechanism that delivers bioactive agents transdermally. Depending upon where you receive your treatment, tiny or molecular non-irritating plant actives are gently pushed into the deeper levels of the skin reducing breakouts by killing bacteria and reducing inflammation.

The sound waves from ultrasound also remove cellular debris, accumulated make-up, dead skin, and dirt. Like many skin care treatments, the expertise and technique of the skin care professional are important because the objective is to clean the skin, not spread the bacteria.

Understanding treatment protocols in addition to treatments like ultrasound are immensely important. Comprehending why something is being advised will help one achieve better results; avoid deleterious side effects and the increased sensitization of the skin.

Successfully conquering acne takes time and dedication. Attempting to dry out the skin by using harsh products, alpha or beta hydroxy acids will not only exasperate your acne dilemma but with time and frequent use, will increase the sensitivity level of your skin. The most consistently successful treatment regimens reduce acne inflammation gently resulting in a complexion that reflects health and wellness.