They say that size doesn’t matter. In fact, the magic of sex comes in the way you perform during foreplay and the way you treat your partner when you’re intimate. People have said this time and again, but for some reason, men are still obsessed with the size of their penile. The bigger they are, the more confident they become. It’s seems as if the length and girth are directly proportional to a man’s ego.

There are so many ways to increase penile size. Men have resorted to Kegel or Jelqing exercises and male enhancement supplements for help. Unfortunately, some of them don’t have the discipline to go through the entire process without getting antsy. If you want immediate and lasting results, you can also consider surgical male enhancement procedures.Surgical male enhancement

What Is Involved

Thanks to modern medicine, there are ways to help add some inches to your penile. Aside from the modern and traditional ways, some men just want to enlist the help of their doctors. They feel as if surgical male enhancement procedures are the best way to go because they have their physicians to look over their health. Whether it’s increasing your length or girth, doctors have come up with a variety of modern answers to this age-old dilemma.

Here are a few of the procedures you need to know about if you’re looking into surgery:

Releasing of Suspensory Ligaments: Approximately half of your penile is inside the body. A suspensory ligament connects this to your pelvic bone. The doctor releases the ligament and extends it so that you gain 1 or 2 inches in length. The incision is made in the pubic area, not in the penile itself. If you’re worried about the scars, these can easily be hidden with the help of your pubic hair. Just make sure you go to a reputable surgeon or you may find your penis resting at an odd angle.

Skin Flap Reconstruction: Small chunks of skin in the pubic area are added to the penile. However, some men have noticed pubic hair growing in odd areas because the hair follicles are transferred as well.

Implants and Gels: Silicon, Aloderm, PMMA, and other types of materials are injected into the penile or scrotum for girth. Just make sure to observe your skin afterward for infections because this is a sign that your body has rejected the implants.

Fat Liposuction: The fat found in the pubic region is injected into the shaft to make it look big. Tell your surgeon to make sure your penile absorbs the fat efficiently so that it’s able to retain its shape.

Surgery: Is It for You?

Surgical male enhancement procedures can be quite pricey. Ensure that you have the budget for it so that you can go to a reputable surgeon who can do the job efficiently. The last thing you want is to look down on your penile and find something that’s oddly shaped. With a good surgeon, you can come out of the experience happy with the way your penile is.

Our Expert Review

Surgical male enhancement is one of the good options for male enhancement but it comes with a lot of risks. We recommend users to do a lot of research and take help of a doctor to understand is it safe or not.

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