You find yourself looking in the mirror and feeling so discouraged. You don’t know when it happened, but aging is creeping up on you. You feel like you are still a teenager on the inside. Your face is telling a different story. You have fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin has begun to droop. There are hollows forming under your eyes. You’ve lost that youthful glow. You’ve tried everything you could on your own, using sunscreen, lotions for moisture, gentle cleansers, and facial masks that exfoliate dead skin. No matter what you have used, you can’t stop the hands on the clock of time from ticking. They are going to keep moving forward. If you want to recapture a more youthful appearance, it’s time to talk with a plastic surgeon.

What Can You Do if You Want Results that Look Natural?

Fighting the effects of aging doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. A plastic surgeon can offer you many techniques that can have a rejuvenating effect on your appearance. You know you have options, but you don’t want your end results to look unnatural. You have seen people with facelifts that are overdone, giving them the windblown or surprised look all the time. While you want that boost in confidence that comes with a younger appearance, you don’t want everyone pointing out how obvious the change is. You want it to be subtle. Fortunately, you have many solutions that are non-invasive or minimally invasive. You may be able to avoid any kind of surgery altogether.

Patient done plastic surgeon - before and after

Consider Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are an excellent way to smooth the appearance of fine lines, add fullness where you need it most, and give your face more firmness. Dermal fillers typically last six months to a year, although some last longer. You can choose fillers that use hyaluronic acid, a substance that is found naturally in your body. Your plastic surgeon can help you to choose the best filler to get optimal results. No surgery is needed. You’ll simply have a few injections. When your signs of aging begin to appear again, you can have additional injections.

Don’t Forget Botox

Botox injections are also effective when it comes to minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Botox is a neurotoxin and will temporarily paralyze the muscle beneath the surface of the skin. When they relax, the lines will settle as well. Your treatment may be as short as ten minutes. Within a week following your session, you will notice the difference. You can expect your results to last about four months. The most important thing to stress when you have Botox injections is that you want natural-looking results. You don’t want your plastic surgeon to overdo it. Express your wishes openly to your plastic surgeon.

A Fat Transfer Offers You Another Solution

Many patients are turning to fat transfer procedures to get more volume where it is needed, whether it’s the buttocks, the breasts, or the face. In order to have a fat transfer procedure, you will need to have fat to spare somewhere on your body. Your plastic surgeon will make a minor incision in that area in order to remove the fat through liposuction. The fat needs to be purified. It will then be injected where it is needed. If you have hollows in your cheekbones because aging has caused a loss of volume, a fat transfer can solve the problem. A fat transfer can smooth away wrinkles. If your lips do not have the fullness that you would like to see, a fat transfer can give you positive results. Many patients and plastic surgeons prefer a fat transfer because it is natural. The substance used to rejuvenate your appearance is coming from your body. You can expect the fat to graft permanently in its new location. Your results should last. If you see additional effects of aging with the passage of time, you can return for another fat transfer procedure.

A Natural Facelift Could Work for You

A natural facelift will be tailored to meet your needs. The main goal is to make tiny incisions and make minimal changes. The focus is most likely going to be on the lower portion of the face to avoiding a look that is too tight around the eyes. Liposuction may be used if there is excess fat beneath the chin or jawline. Dermal fillers may be used as well to get the outcome that you would like to see in order to have a younger look once again.

What About Peels, Facials, Microdermabrasion, and Lasers?

There are many options that focus on getting to the healthy layer of skin beneath the surface. Whether it is a medical facial, a peel, or microdermabrasion, you may be able to remove the upper layer of your skin in a safe way to have promising results. Lasers offer you a gentle and effective approach as well. Be sure to discuss these options with your plastic surgeon as well. You may find that regular facials give you enough of a rejuvenating effect to make you happy.

Find Out How You Can Look Younger in a Natural Way

If you’re interested to learn more options, you can visit Dr. Leonard Miller. Dr. Miller holds his certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He specializes in various facial rejuvenation techniques, both surgical and non-surgical including natural facelift in Boston, MA. He has more than two decades of experience, giving you a vote of confidence as you look for professional alternatives to rejuvenate your face.