Testogen XR Overview

Testogen XR is a muscle building supplement and also a testosterone booster formulated for men who really wants to grow their muscles to a high level. This product also helps to support nitric oxide levels and contains the efficient doses of proven anabolic properties such as Agmatine, D-Aspartic Acid and L-CarnatineTartrate. It is basically designed to raise testosterone, support recovery, extend pumps, increase endurance and strength while accelerating muscle growth.

Testogen XR Product Details

Testogen XR is the testosterone booster of Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Series aimed at increasing testosterone levels and also marketed as a nitric oxide supplement.This muscle building supplement, unlike others, concentrates on muscles as well as on the levels of testosterone. Testogen XR is enormously effective and recommended by popular body builders and fitness trainers. Many athletes use this product for increasing their energy and strength.The consumer must take one dose of it on a daily basis an hour before workout and also note that it is necessary to be well hydrated before starting the workout. This product is available to the customers at a price of $89.99. Testogen RX is formulated in the form of a powder that can be taken with food or as a drink.

Product Advantagestestogen xr side effects

  • Testogen RX helps to enhance natural testosterone production
  • Contains concentrated testosterone &nitric oxide booster
  • Effectively supports lean muscle mass
  • Superior Utilization of ATP, Vitamins and Amino Acids
  • Testogen RX is also very good in enhancing the sex drive and libido
  • Increase the production of growth hormone &luteinizing hormone levels
  • Helps to raise testosterone, extend pumps, increase endurance and     strength

Product Disadvantages

  • Recommended not to take beyond the prescribed dose
  • Must take regularly to get desired results
  • Product may cause Anger issues and restlessness
  • Product should not be taken with any known stimulants including tea & coffee
  • Testogen XR also contains high levels of caffeine


Testogen XR has several ingredients that effectively increases the testosterone production. Also the best supplement for building muscle mass. Recommended product by famous body-builders, athletes and fitness trainers. This product also boosts natural testosterone production and contains all natural and effective ingredients. Testogen RX should not be used under the age of 18 and also for those having anger issues. All you need is one scoop a day &TestogenXR will perform all the work.