Did you know that acne washes are not powerful enough to get all of the dirt and bacteria off your face? Of course, your skin does need good bacteria to balance out the pH levels, but you don’t want buildup after yTheraPores ou just scrubbed and did your best to eliminate acne causing factors. That’s where TheraPores comes in.

After you’ve washed your face and patted it dry, you can apply TheraPores, a natural toner that removes makeup, bacteria, and other harmful substances that your wash left behind. TheraPores is completely chemical free, irritation, free, and ready to go, even balancing out your skin’s natural pH levels. This is literally mother nature’s secret to clear skin, or so they say.

Does TheraPores Have Clinically Proven Acne Fighters?

TheraPores uses a blend of completely natural ingredients mad to fight acne. By fighting free radicals and bacteria with natural antioxidants, ingredients like resveratrol can actually refresh and heal your skin, eliminating irritants and rejuvenating healthy skin at the same time. When added to other antioxidants like green tea, which also has caffeine to “wake up” the skin, this formula already takes a more natural approach than most acne sufferers are used to.

TheraPores continues his tradition with balancing and natural ingredients such as barley, allicin, capsaicin, and wheatgrass. To some, these may not be the most obvious acne fighters. In fact, we are sure that some of you are wondering if we’re completely crazy right now. However, if you look at the research, studies have shown that these ingredients have a whole body balancing effect. You address acne from a more comprehensive and holistic approach.

Other Benefits of the TheraPores Formula

Because of TheraPores’ more comprehensive formula, you can potentially achieve other related benefits. This formula uses ingredients such as acai, which is also rich in vitamins and other nutrients your skin needs. More importantly for some though is the fact that TheraPores also has natural moisturizers to help you to avoid red and irritated skin without clogging the pores. TheraPores uses ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which can also cushion the skin, instead of turning to problem ingredients such as mineral oil for example.

Conclusion on TheraPores

TheraPores probably isn’t what you think of when you first think about which acne fighter you want to buy. However, research has shown that acne is not what we initially thought. There are many different contributors, and while we’re used to using harmful chemicals that irritate the skin, it doesn’t have to be that way. You have other choices.

TheraPores again is meant to be used in combination with a cleanse. The right cleanse combines with TheraPores to promote a more holistic and complete effect, which in the end makes everything easier. You can eliminate acne without damaging your skin, and you can even improve the skin’s overall health.