A man’s sperm count can be seen as a testament to his masculinity, and a sign of a healthy male reproductive system. A man’s sperm count is important, not just for his physical health but also for his psychological well being.

Men with a low sperm count, can feel less confident in the bedroom and even lose their desire for sexual intercourse. It is also necessary for men to have children. Men who are suffering from a low sperm count, their are easy and natural methods to treat this embarrassing problem.

Why Should You Increase Your Sperm Count

There are several reasons for men to increase their sperm counts, starting with the most obvious reason to father children. A higher sperm count can increase a man’s feeling of confidence, both in and out of the bedroom, and can lead to longer and more intense orgasms.

Having a higher sperm count also means that a man’s testosterone level is at normal levels. If you think your sperm count is low or just want to make sure a problem does not develop, there are 5 easy ways to boost your sperm count.

5 Ways To Boost Your Sperm Count

Kegel Exercises:
Kegel exercises are not just for women anymore, they can also help men improve their performance in the bedroom. Not only can this simple exercise help guys last longer, it can also improve the distance of their ejaculation. While this does not necessarily increase your sperm count, it can make you feel more confident in the bedroom. To do a kegel exercise, men simply need to tighten, hold, and them release their PC muscle.
Limiting Your Alcohol Consumption:
Limiting your alcohol consumption can improve your performance and your sperm count. As alcohol builds up in the liver, men often have an increase in the production of the female sex hormone estrogen. While it is present is men in low levels, a higher level of estrogen can reduce a man’s sperm count and his desire for sexual intercourse. Not only can an excessive amount of alcohol limit sperm production, it can also effect a man’s ability to get an erection and have sex.
Eating The Right Foods:
Eating the right foods is not only a good way to keep from becoming obese and improving your overall health, it can also help to increase your sperm count. Men whose diet includes plenty of whole grains, vegetables and protein are not only healthier, their sperm is as well. Men who are trying to get their partners pregnant, can especially benefit from a high protein, low fat diet. Stronger, healthier sperm have a better chance of finding and fertilizing the egg.
High Temperatures:
High temperatures are never healthy for anyone, and it can be especially harmful to a man’s sperm count. Unlike women whose ovaries are located inside her body where it is always warm, a man’s testicles are located outside of his body for a reason. His testes are responsible for releasing the semen and when they are overheated they cannot perform their function as well. Wearing loose fitting clothing can help to keep the air flowing, and some men even recommend sleeping naked. This can also lead to some intimate moments with your partner in the middle of the night.
Quit Smoking:
Whether you are worried about your sperm count or not, quitting smoking is always a good idea. Not only can smoking cause a long list of health complications, which include cancer and death, tobacco products can also adversely affect your sperm count. Studies have reported that men who regularly smoke tobacco products have on average 20 percent fewer sperm than men who do not smoke. Along with have a fewer number, their sperm are often slower and weaker.
A man’s sperm count is important for a number of reasons, including giving him more confidence in the bedroom and allowing him to father children. While it is not something that men really think about, their lifestyle choices could be causing his sperm count to dramatically decrease.

A lower sperm count can cause men with inhibited sexual desire, and cause problems in the relationship. Simply by making a few lifestyle changes, you can have more sperm count and surely enjoy a healthy sex life. Men who are concerned that their low sperm count could be a sign of another medical condition should consult with a health care professional.