Arthritis is characterized by joint pain. Joint pain can occur whether you have arthritis or not hence joint pain does not necessarily mean that you have arthritis. This pain causes a lot of discomfort to an individual and when left it can become chronic and uncontrollable. It may limit an individual from performing activities that require joint flexibility. There are many ways of easing the pain ranging from exercise, natural substances, and processed drugs from hospitals.

A larger population of people is suffering from joint pain and it is so unfortunate that most of them take it for granted until it becomes chronic. It is always caused by the bacterial attack at the joints causing inflammation and loss of lubrication. Natural treatment like the use of natural minerals and vitamins is what most people believe in. Therefore below are the vitamins and minerals effective for treatment of joint pain.

1. Silicon

This is a mineral that no one would have thought is important in the human body. It is a great source of strength to the bone tissue. Surprisingly it covers a greater percentage of the body tissue.

2. Ascorbic acid

This has the antioxidant properties that shield the connection tissue from damage. It also assists in collagen formation which enhances the flexibility of the joint muscles. It can be obtained from a variety of vegetables and fruits.

3. Gelatin

This is a substance that is very suitable for the athletes. It provides lubrication to the joints by preventing them from rubbing against each other so hard.

4. Calcium

This is one of the minerals that are well known by many individuals. It is one of the ingredients used in the formation of the teeth and strong bones. It is great in suppressing joint pain especially the knee joint.

5. Chondroitin sulfate

Cartilage is a great source of protection against damage to the bones of the joints. Chondroitin sulfate is the mineral that is responsible for its formation. It is, therefore, suitable in easing joint pain.

6. Fatty acid

Oil is majorly used for lubrication of many moving parts of machines to prevent wear and tear due to friction. Your joints are like machines too and demand lubrication. Omega-3 fatty acid is the popular agent used to lubricate the joints.

7. Vitamin D

The vitamin is very popular for its work in strengthening the bones. Research shows that those people who lack adequate vitamin D are prone to joint pains. Vitamin D is obtained from the sun and some food substances.

8. Niacin

This is a vitamin that can help reduce inflammation, enhance the flexibility of the joint and relief the joint pain. It is well known as vitamin B-3 and can be obtained from a variety of food substances. Some of those food substances are chicken, peanuts, salmon and lima beans.

9. Potassium

Potassium mineral is among the well-known minerals for strength yielding and protection. It is an electrolyte responsible for the function of tissues in the body. It is, therefore, a great agent that can be used to relief joint pain. It can be obtained from salmon and bananas.

10. Glucosamine

This is a great substance in preventing inflammation, strengthening the bones and wear and tear of the cartilage

11. Adenosyl

It reduces muscle pain, inflammation of the joints and stiffness making it a great supplement for pain relief.

12. Try-methyl-glycine

It is well known for its ability to yield strength to the bones.

13. Magnesium

With the assistance of potassium, magnesium is a great source of protection and strength to the bones.

14. Sodium

Sodium is majorly obtained from the salt that we take in with our food. It contributes a lot to the formation of cartilage that can shield the joints from friction.

15. Manganese

Manganese plays a major role in the formation of cartilage that protects the joints from rubbing against each other with a lot of friction causing pain.

16. Selenium

Rheumatoid arthritis sometimes occurs due to deficiency of selenium. It is an antioxidant that helps in easing the arthritis effect on the joints. It also reduces the immune attack on the joints that can cause joint pain.

17. Copper

Copper plays a role in stimulating fusion of elastin and collagen with the help of the enzyme lysyl oxidase. This results in the formation of a tissue that increases the durability of the cartilage protecting the joints.

18. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a perfect treatment for joint pain and arthritis. It only reduces the pain but does not reduce the swelling.

19. Retinol

This also referred to as vitamin A and its major function is to relief joint pain and various other joint pains. It can be obtained from carrots and most fruits.

20. Vitamin E

Vitamin K2 is a great agent that can reduce inflammation hence reducing the pain.


Joint pain is one of the major signs of arthritis and the most effective natural remedies are the use of the vitamins and minerals.

About the Author: Doyle Faulkner

Doyle is an Award Winning health researcher, writer, and Editor for BestSuggestor and done Masters Degrees in Sport & Exercise Science. He is investigating dietary supplements since last 15 years and appeared in Fox 29 News, Prevention Magazine, WebMD etc. He is passionate about the growing awareness of natural health options and what this means to support our healthy, balanced lifestyles. He is have written some books on the healthy diet which are featured on Amazon. He also enjoys sharing the latest research and product reviews in a way that people can use to improve their health.

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