Do You Want Your Penis To Shrink?

There is no mystery in the fact that a man’s sexual performance declines with age due to his declining testosterone levels. As he turns 30, it takes him more time to feel aroused. Once aroused, he might even take some time to get an erection and achieve orgasm and become roused again following the orgasm. Needless to say, age brings some noticeable changes in a man’s body and declining count and quality of sperm is one of them. Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence is one of the first signs of aging men. Studies have shown that nearly 60% of men between the age of 40 and 70 become impotent. Most of them even lose their ability to produce semen due to lack of erections.

Besides erectile dysfunction, aging men also experience a gradual decline in their urinary function. His urine stream gets weaker due to a weakening gallbladder muscle or prostate enlargement. In fact, recent researchers have concluded that the penis also undergoes significant changes in the whole aging process. This is one thing that most men fear and studies have proved their fear to be true. Such changes include:


In terms of appearance, there are two major changes that one gets to see. One is that the head of the penis starts losing its pinkish color, which is caused due to reduced blood flow to the penile area. Second significant change is the loss of pubic hair. In short, it can be said that as a level of testosterone declines, the body starts going back to the pre-puberty stage.

Penis Size

90% of aging men fear that their size of penis might shrink, leading them to a lot of embarrassment and humiliation in front of their sexual partners. Besides declining sex drive, shrinking penis size can also lead to other complications. However, there can be many reasons for shrinking penis size such as excessive masturbation, aging, and weight gain. Since weight gain is a common problem among aging men, the fat accumulated in the lower abdomen can have an apparent impact on penis size. In fact, abdominal fat can bury the penis, making it look even smaller. However, this can be managed or reversed by keeping the weight in control. Women prefer a man with a bigger penis, studies have proven this.

In addition to reversible penis size reduction, the penis also tends to undergo an irreversible reduction in length and thickness. Although the changes are not dramatic but can be noticeable. For instance: If a man’s erection is 6 inches long during his late 20s, it can reduce to 5 inches in his 60s or 70s.

So what causes the penis to shrink? There are two proven mechanisms explained by medical experts. These are as follows:

  1. Slow deposit of fat inside tiny-arteries of the penis can become a hindrance in the blood flow to the required organ. This is known as, atherosclerosis. It is the same process that results in blockage of coronary arteries, which leads to heart attack.
  2. The second mechanism involves the gradual buildup of inelastic collagen or scar tissue within the stretchy-fibrous sheath which surrounds erection chambers. Normally, erections take place when these chambers are filled with blood. Increasingly inelastic-chambers results in small erections.

The size of penis and testicles changes as men starts moving to their late 30s. While testicles of a 30 year old man can measure about 3 centimeters, those of 60-year-olds measure only about 2 centimeters in diameter.

Curvature – If the penile scar-tissue accumulates unevenly to the area, the penis can become curved and look smaller. This condition is known as “Peyronie’s disease”. It occurs mostly in middle-aged men. This condition can cause extremely painful erections and even make the intercourse difficult. Surgery is required to rectify this condition.

Sensitivity – Various studies have shown that penis can become less sensitive with the time. This makes achieving erections difficult, but one is able to have an orgasm. However, it is still not reported if the pleasure from orgasm is less or same.

However, these changes need not ruin your sex life, even though men are obsessed with male enhancement. Studies that have shown a significant decline in the erectile function, ejaculatory function and libido in men, have shown an only moderate decline in the level of pleasure and sexual satisfaction.One should remember that the key ingredient to a satisfying sex life is a man’s ability to satisfy his partner that clearly does not require a big penis.

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