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There’s a great demand for products and methods that promise to increase penile size. It’s all over the World Wide Web. Just type “penis enlargement” on the search box and hundreds of websites, reviews and advertisements will appear on the list.

Small size penile has been a big problem among men. The average size for men is 5 to 7 inches in length (when it’s fully erect). It is considered small when it’s less than 2 inches from that average length. According to a survey, there are 1 out of 200 men who have the so-called “micropenis”. Well, that’s a big number – it’s at least 500,000 men in the United States. This is why the demand for products to increase penis size is there, and it’s still rising.

With hundreds and thousands of choices, what product or method can you trust?  This article will guide you through all the products and methods that promise a bigger penile: Are they effective? Safe?  Is there any health risk? You’ll find out as you read along.

When Does Penis Growth Naturally Stop?

Most men will wonder a lot of things about their penis, such as if their penis are too small for their age if they still have the chance to grow their manhood and when it stops growing naturally. These thoughts are only normal and it would serve them better if these are answered in order to avoid misconceptions about the male organ.Penis enlargement techniques

Puberty – The Beginning of Growth

Experts believe that the natural growth of the penis begins in puberty. It is also the time when men face a lot of bodily changes, such as the deepening of the voice, development of chest hair and the enlargement of the testicles and the penis. Young men are likely to experience tremendous growth of the penis and testicles between the ages 12 to 16, and the testicles will continue to grow for at most six years after that.

However, it is important to note that men enter puberty at varying ages, so there’s no fixed age for everyone when the penis starts growing.

Puberty – the End of Growth

Just as it all began in puberty, the natural growth of the penis will also end in puberty. As already stated, young men will enter puberty at different ages, so you should not compare your penis growth with your friends. Changes in the body at this point take a different pace for every person. On the average, what your body looks like at age 16 is close to the kind of body you will have as you enter adulthood.

The Normal Penis Size

It is also a common question for most young men about the normal penis size. However, most people agree that there is no normal penis size or a standard penis size for everybody. It should be taken into account that the changes in your body are largely genetic, you inherit them from your parents. So if your friends are shorter or taller than you, that doesn’t mean they all have a penis of the same size. However, according to studies, a man’s penis is an average size if it measures 5-6 inches when erect.

Different Method of Penis Enlargement

First things first, learn the things you have to avoid. Be cautious of the company who are offering products and methods to increase penile size. Some of them are fly-by-night operators. First, check their credentials before even listening to what they have to say. Look for the reviews and the testimonials of previous customers. It’s a good sign if they have a website of their products. If none, you can look for websites that review the product you are eyeing on.Different Method of Penis Enlargement

It’s a no-no, however, for penis pumps, clamps, and several hanging methods. These are ineffective and it may bring some health risks such as scarring, damaged tissue and, worse, the inability to maintain an erection.


A lot of men are eyeing for surgical procedures because they appear to be professional and without blemish. Yes, it has 80% patient satisfaction because the methods used here had been researched and studied for decades now. However, there are some glitches you should know.

First, it’s not affordable. If you are a normal guy, you’ll definitely not have this operation.

Second, it has some health risks such as scarring and blood clotting, in some cases.

Third, if you are not okay with people meddling with your private life, then this procedure is not for you. In the surgical method, you will expose yourself to a lot of beholders as several doctors will handle you from general medicine to the surgeon, not to mention the nurses.

Penis Extenders

There are devices which you can put on your penis in order to increase its size. Extenders will help the natural flow of blood. However, you should be careful in picking the quality of the metal or plastic because it might give you rashes and irritations.

Penis Exercises

Penis exercises are a few of the most advisable penis enlargement methods. There are several useful and effective everyday exercises which you can try. The most popular among the penis exercises is the Jelq. It involves holding your penis with the thumb and index finger joined together then “milking” it in a forward movement.

Herbal Supplements

Above all these products and methods, herbal supplements are the safest and the most effective penile enlarger. Their main action it to improve the blood flow in your penile in order for you to create a firmer erection and maintain it for a long time. The most popular ingredients for a penis enhancement pills are Yohimbe, ginseng, and gingko Biloba.


It is only normal for most young men to wonder about these things. However, they should also remember that body changes are different for everyone. Some men may have huge penis even in their teens, or the late bloomers may eventually catch up when they are nearing adulthood.

It is also important to educate one’s self about his sex organ in order not to feel left behind or deprived. It is often these thoughts that lead men to seek for radical ways and techniques to enlarge the penis, discounting the fact that these methods may only do them more harm than good.

If they are set to improve the natural growth of the penis, there are natural products that can help them. What they need to focus on is to research which product is right for them and the needs of their sex lives.

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