Prominent celebrities around the world have been publicly vocal about their journey towards leading a healthy lifestyle. They have constantly expressed their surprise at how simple changes in dietary plans and lifestyle habits can bring about a host of health benefits. This wave of celebrity endorsements has generated an exponential increase in demand for healthier living. A wider consumer base influenced by celebrities has created a chain reaction.

With manufacturers supplying healthier alternatives to their trademark food products, supermarkets have no option but to cave in by designating specific aisles for healthier food choices and other products. Sitting at the very end of the spectrum are shops that sell 100% healthy products. These shops promote themselves as a one-stop center for health enthusiasts to purchase all their necessities and have generated some positive buzz within the community.

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The healthy lifestyle movement has always relied heavily on the word of mouth strategy. In its initial stages, only a handful of individuals were aware of its importance. By getting their voices heard across multiple media platforms, they have managed to grow the industry into a dominant force in the 21st century. This strategy continues to be widely used as evidenced by celebrities’ use of social media to get their message across.

On the other hand, the increase in health enthusiasts has also created a need for a centralized supply hub where all interested parties can visit to get the latest information and news regarding their specific interests. In a society ruled by digitization, it seems only fitting that such a service be created in the virtual world where the restrictions of physical boundaries are eliminated. Having recognized this pressing need in the health community, the Best Suggestor was set up in 2003 and has been offering its expertise ever since.

Visitors to the Best Suggestor landing page would immediately be able to witness the amount of hard work and careful consideration that went into developing this website. All the information and latest news published here are organized in a neat fashion that is further enhanced by the ease of navigation. There are no fanciful gimmicks to entice the web user, the website prides itself by focusing on the supply of credible health news.

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The home page summarizes all the latest updates and popular happenings within the health industry, carefully dividing them into sections such as recent posts, popular topics, and expert zone. Using a customized algorithm, the website even suggests a list of articles that its visitors might be interested in reading. The navigation bar at the top of the page splits into the following categories:

Health Center

A general overview of health issues that include fitness, relationships, pregnancy, weight loss, and nutrition.

Beauty & Skin Care

Offering the latest beauty and skincare tips with the primary objective of achieving beauty without causing damaging effects to the skin. Covers a range of topics such as cosmetic applications, season-based skincare guides, and tips on daily skincare routines.


As the title suggests, any article related to fitness is published in this section. It helps individuals make informed decisions regarding fitness schedules and even offers valuable insights into the effectiveness of different forms of exercise.

Health Conditions

Specifically dedicated to all health conditions that affect the global population. Currently lists extensive articles that cover more than 120 different types of disease, illness, and disorders.

Health News

Highlights the latest happenings and discoveries within the medical field. Also, includes interesting and fun facts that are generally essential for the maintenance of good health.


An unbiased, in-depth review of health care products mostly for beauty, brain health, colon health, women health, male enhancement products available on the market. Currently, catalogs more than 10,000 different items in its virtual inventory.

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After its introduction to the health industry in 2003, Best Suggestor has grown from strength to strength and never looked back since. Its fundamental principle of providing credible health news to a worldwide audience still remains its top priority. The website takes an uncompromising stance against publishing articles that are not proven by cold hard facts.

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Best Suggestor has remained truthful to its slogan, “Your Reliable Source for Health”, over the years and it enjoys an established presence within the health community. Its credibility is evidenced by the impressive count of subscribers across all of its social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

Best Suggestor also acknowledges the need for transparency in this business and voluntarily publishes the set-up of its expert panel. Each article posted on the website has to pass through a series of vetting and authentication by the experts before finally hitting the front page. This process has helped Best Suggestor gain the unconditional trust of its followers.

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