The signs of aging have been an issue we all face whether it is premature aging or the eventuality of aging that we all fear; many pay hundreds if not thousands for face lifts or monthly visits to a specialist or doctor for treatment just to achieve a healthy, youthful and younger looking skin.

The Dermawand hand held skin care rejuvenation system is an innovative concept that uses a combination of science and technology to create a professional grade skin care treatment that can be done in the comforts of your own home.

This system uses the same technology as the large machines used by a specialist. It utilizes a lower scale of the professional grade machine which makes it safe for home use. Dermawand utilizes the combination of radio frequency effects of thermal energy, stimulation and oxygenation it can be used on all parts of your body: face, neck, arms, legs, chest etc., pore size will appear visibly reduced. Dermawand can help in cleaning build-up of debris in skin pores, reducing the wrinkled or sagging appearance.

On the official Dermawand site, a system is offered to be tried for 30 days with free shipping if you like the product your card will be charged three monthly payments of $39.95 plus shipping and handling which is a one-time payment of $ 14.95.

The Dermawand was founded and invented by Christina Boves who has been in the industry for over 30 years. Dermawand are owned by International Commercial Television Inc. (ICTV) owns all of the rights to the Dermawand.

The Dermawand works as follows:

THERMAL ENERGY – gentle microcurrent (Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulator or MENS) delivers thermal energy to the dermal areas under your skin’s surface and increasing dermal skin temperature to help support your skin’s natural healthy look.

INSTANT STIMULATION – delivers gentle microcurrent at 168,000 cycles per second, producing a massage effect this helps improve circulation and bring fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the skin’s surface.

ENRICHED OXYGEN – gives off enriched oxygen which bathes your skin while you’re using it. The enriched oxygen is a natural cleanser that helps reduce pore size.

Dermawand does not have any ingredients as it is an electronic device and the wand can be used with any skin care products you are currently using.

The Dermawand is simple to use, but before using wand read and watch the instruction guide and video before use;

  • Cleanse face with preferred cleanser and pat dry.
  • Place wand to face keep wand in contact with face moving in upward and or in a circular motion while gradually increasing the setting to comfortable level best result at a higher setting.
  • Around eyes make sure wand is always at the lowest setting
  • In a circular motion sweep wand over neck and face in an upward motion do this for a minute
  • Then apply your favorite moisturizer in a small amount to neck and face work moisturizer into the skin a sweeping motion over neck and face for up to three minutes.


  • Long Lasting product if cared properly
  • It is easy to use
  • Quality product
  • Not many side effects (if any)
  • Works with your regular skin care products
  • Cost effective


  • Using it may be uncomfortable for some because it uses microcurrents.
  • The noise level

The Dermawand overall is a good product that can save hundreds of dollars, it has been proven to work and uses the best of science and technology to bring an advance system to the comforts of our homes. It also works in combination with our regular skin car regimen and products. It is easy to use and will eventually pay back for it’s self because of fewer trips to a dermatologist and a safe alternative surgery.