Plexus Slim is not a weight loss product.

Maybe you’re scratching your head right now. Maybe you’re even a little disappointed. You were probably hoping that Plexus Slim is a weight loss product. But the truth is, it’s not. I, too, thought that Plexus Slim was the trendiest new “weight loss” drink. But after a little research, I found out that Plexus Slim is actually something completely different. This is what inspired me to write my own Plexus Slim reviews.

What is it then?

Plexus Slim was originally developed in order to help people with Type II diabetes maintain proper blood sugar levels and lower their insulin dependency. And it worked! But what they also found in their testing was that their patients experienced healthier blood pressure, improved cholesterol and lipid levels, as well as a noticeable amount of weight loss! Yes! Weight loss was actually a natural side effect that accompanied the formula. What an awesome perk, right? Not only that, Plexus Slim has been found to offer a laundry list of highly sought-after benefits! It doesn’t only target weight loss. It targets health, and reaching a healthy weight is nothing but the inevitable benefit of a healthy working body.

You’ve tried it all? Me too.

I tried so many different ways to take the weight off. Every diet you could think of. All the supplements, pills, and drinks. Everything from the not-so-bad to the I-think-I’m-gonna-vomit shakes, smoothies, bars, and meal replacements. Seriously, it was like 2 pounds there, 1 pound here, then I’d gain it back, and not a thing ever changed. Plexus Slim was recommended to me by a friend I have who was having a hard time post-pregnancy. She told me that Plexus Slim was suggested to her to help her lose the baby weight, battle her fatigue, and improve her moods.

She did some research, sifted through some other Plexus Slim reviews, and decided to give it a try. She found that the Plexus Slim did clear her mind, boost her energy, and she lost 10 lbs within only 2 weeks of consuming the pink drink. Naturally, this caught my attention. I researched some Plexus Slim reviews myself and decided that this seemed pretty safe to me. A product that was designed to regulate blood sugar levels and manage cholesterol had to be more than some silly fad to get all the looming airheads to spend their money in hopes to get those ultra cut abs without ever breaking a sweat.

But does it work?

So I tried it, and there’s nothing to it! All I had to do, was open a little packet, pour the powder into a bottle of water, shake, and drink. I eat like normal and carry on with my regular day-to-day activities. I was pleasantly surprised with the refreshing taste of the pink drink as well. Many products I’ve tried can be absolutely rancid. A lot of them are tolerable, but this was actually tasty. Like, my kids drink it with their lunch (Imagine something along the lines of a vitamin water).

Well, how long do I have to wait?

I can tell you now that the benefits were noticeable immediately. Yes, I do mean immediately as in after my very first pink drink. The very first benefit I experienced was energy. It’s not an energy-drink-type-of-energy. Not a hyper, riddled type of energy. Just a balance. I felt completely awake, alert, and mentally clear. I also noticed a change in my cravings and a decrease in my appetite, right away. I still ate, but I got full when I was supposed to be full. And after the first week, 6 pounds were gone. I lost 28 pounds that month. And no, those pounds haven’t returned.

So, what’s the point?

I love this product because its purpose is health. Not weight loss. When I focused on the weight loss, I felt deprived, limited, hungry, and exhausted by the entire process. My focus was only on numbers; how many pounds? How many inches? How many calories? But when I shifted my focus to good health instead, I found lasting, quality results. Of course, nobody ever wakes up thinking, “How can I regulate my blood sugar?” but millions wake up thinking “How can I lose weight?” Little do they realize that by regulating their blood sugar, they will be healthier, stronger, and full of energy -oh yeah!- and they’ll lose weight!

The moral of the story…

My suggestion to you is to care about your health, and your waist will take care of itself. Plexus Slim is absolutely the way to great health. There is nothing to it. You don’t need to keep track of anything. You don’t need to stop eating anything. You don’t need to attend meetings, come up with a workout routine, buy a bunch of scales and measuring cups, or portion out your food. Just drink the pink stuff. Drink it and watch your health repair itself to its most fulfilling state possible.

I don’t feel like Plexus Slim is in my budget. How can I afford to use this product?

This was something that I struggled with for a long time too. I felt like I wanted to try the product, but something like this was not in my immediate budget. Luckily, I found a few key ways to counteract the blow to my bank account, and much to my surprise, actually began seeing an increase in my bank account when I decided that Plexus Slim was the way to go. Here’s how…

When I realized that Plexus Slim was a product that was all about health, I knew that it was a priority. I didn’t feel like it was something I was doing in vain, only to get to that “better body”. It was really something I needed to do to get to a healthier, better functioning body. It quickly became imperative that I find a way to pay for it. I sat down and did my monthly budget to see if there was any way that I could make this happen. What I realized was, absolutely yes, there was.

Since I was now focusing on health, I decided to put to rest one thing that was stealing away my good health. Not everything. I didn’t say goodbye to all my sugar, or all my carbs, or stop eating fast food, or anything outrageous for me at the time. I decided to simply give up drinking soda just for the month. The money that I saved on all the soda I buy in a month would easily pay for my supply of Plexus Slim, and at the same time, I would be doing just one thing extra to assist me on my journey to better health.

I knew I didn’t want to kiss my soda goodbye forever, but I decided one month wouldn’t hurt. So that’s what I did. I bought the Plexus Slim and I drank only water and the pink drink that entire month. I felt like it would be fun to make a little game out of this. So the following month I decided I would go back to soda, and give up something else.

For the next month, I put all of my fast food money towards my month’s supply of Plexus Slim. That’s right. No fast food for one whole month. At least I had my soda back! But something really miraculous happened. The day I opened my first can of cola, after only one month of giving it up, I could barely get the first sip down. All that my mouth tasted was pure liquid sugar! It was awful! Yes! I was no longer “giving it up”. I simply didn’t want it anymore!

When your body gets used to a certain way of eating, your brain adapts to those things and begins to crave them more and more. So, when you start eating or drinking healthier, your mind is no longer addicted to things that are bad for your body. Then, if you go back to those things, you’ll find that they no longer satisfy you like they once did. This miracle happened to me month after month.

Slowly my mind kept dropping the addictions to things that weren’t good for me and saved me so much money along the way. Over the course of only a few months, I stopped drinking sodas, eating fast food, craving sugary candy, and began loving things like vegetables, salads, homemade juices, and healthy snacks. It was no longer dreadful or “tolerable” to eat better. It just began to taste good. Nothing feels better than being addicted to things that are good for you!

As my friends and family started seeing the miracle of my results, they wanted to know how I was doing it. 100% of them were amazed and excited to find out that I was only drinking the pink stuff. Naturally, they wanted in on it. I had heard about the opportunities for income with Plexus Slim before, but I wasn’t really interested in it at first. I know that I am in no way a “seller”, and I didn’t feel like I would make a good “ambassador” for the product. But once I saw how many people wanted to try it, I felt like, hey, why not make money off of it?

So I became an ambassador. I can tell you now that by only telling my friends and family about the product through word of mouth and one social media avenue, I was bringing in a solid part-time income within the first month and a half. I was literally astonished at how much it was making me do absolutely nothing. All I did was give people the link to my ambassador website and they can take it from there. Just the same way anyone would order something online, they do the same on my page. Since they order from my page though, I make a commission off of it.

I find that this product is the ultimate lazy person’s dream come true. To put it plainly, I lose an average of 5 lbs a week by drinking a delicious pink drink, and I make about $800 a month by telling my friends about how I’m getting into better shape.

I do not sell this product. I don’t have to. I just use it. There isn’t anyone I know who doesn’t want a better body and doesn’t want more money. So there’s really not a whole lot for me to do. This product not only pays for itself, it makes you really substantial money with virtually no work. These are not made up numbers, there is no hidden trick that I’m using or extra work that I’m doing. This is not an unrealistic result. This is truly what I make doing nothing. If you knew how much I began making once I decided that it was worth it to actually start putting work into it, you would fall out of your chair. If you do want to know the average potential earnings, I’ve attached all the information in detail – Plexus Comp Plan Overview.

For now though, just know that if you’re lazy like I am, this is definitely the way to great health and great money for you. If you’re not lazy like I am, number one, give yourself a pat on the back, and number two, just wait until you see what your body and bank account would be with your extra efforts.

Put It All Together!

So here you have it! With Plexus Slim you have all of these opportunities combined into one pink little product:

  • A brand new lifestyle
  • Weight loss
  • Improved energy
  • Amazing sleep
  • Better balanced blood sugar and lipid levels
  • Decreased appetite
  • Loss of sugar cravings
  • Better total health
  • Access to a wide brand of natural life-improving products
  • Opportunity to help your family, friends, and others with their health and weight
  • Newfound financial security

Keep reading or feel free to contact me directly with your concerns.

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