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There are many treatments available for premature ejaculation. These include sex therapy, medication and using certain products that are designed to address this particular issue. Delay sprays have become a popular alternative treatment for premature ejaculation. However, these products can also be used essentially to last longer in bed allowing you to completely satisfy your partner before climaxing.

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In this article, we will investigate Stud 100 which claims to be the world’s leading delay spray for men. It is our goal to determine if it is really among the best products today. By the end, we will make a conclusion whether it is worth purchasing or not.

Product Overview

Stud 100 is classified as a desensitizing spray that basically works by slightly numbing the penis in order to prevent climaxing quickly. It is commonly used for preventing premature ejaculation. Its main ingredient is Lidocaine, a local anaesthetic that also works as a lubricant. About 7 mg is administered with each spray. This anaesthetic is commonly used by dentists for minor operations. It can be used to prevent over-rapid ejaculation but can also reduce oversensitivity of men during sexual intercourse.

Other Details

According to the productStud 100 for premature ejaculation’s frequently asked questions section, it can be used with a condom and is safe form women. It is a licensed pharmaceutical that can be purchased without a prescription. It is rated to be safe and secure by the United States Food and Drug Administration. According to many product reviews form reputable websites and magazines, this is really one of the best delay sprays for men available on the market.

How to Use It

You just need to spray Stud 100 between 3 to 8 times approximately 5 to 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. One container costs around $15 which is good for about 120 sprays. It is recommended not to exceed 10 sprays since this can leave your penis completely numb making an erection impossible to achieve. It doesn’t dry the skin and is both odourless and colourless.

Premature Ejaculation

One of the most popular uses of Stud 100 is the prevention of premature ejaculation. This is a common sexual dysfunction that affects more than 30% of the male population all over the world. Premature ejaculation happens when the man ejaculates sooner that he or his partner would like during sexual intercourse. It is not a cause for concern as long as it doesn’t happen frequently.

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  • The majority of customer feedback appear to be positive saying it is effective.
  • This is a very affordable and fast solution to premature ejaculation.
  • Can be easily and discreetly ordered online.
  • Priced very competitively at about $15 per bottle.
  • Contains lidocaine which is a scientifically proven anaesthetic.
  • Can also be used by women according to some feedback.


  • Many customers who have tried it say it decreases satisfaction from sex.
  • There are some negative reviews of this product online.
  • The safety of long-term use of lidocaine is still not tested.
  • In some cases, it can cause erectile dysfunction.

The Final Word

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation or just want to delay climax in order to satisfy your partner, Stud 100 is a good product worth trying. It is very cheap at about $15 for a bottle that can last a month or more depending on usage. However, some men who have tried it claim that the numbing effect takes the pleasure out of sex. You have to try for yourself if it works for you or not. This is definitely one of the best delay products for men available today.

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