Supplement company Force Factor created Test X180 Ignite to light a fire under men’s falling testosterone levels and incinerate their robust fat cells.

This product uses 2 proprietary blends, each with a separate purpose. The first is called Manliness Ignition Matrix, and it’s meant to stimulate testosterone secretion. The second is the Fat Incineration Complex for reducing fat mass.

Force Factor’s previous testosterone boosters didn’t have the fat-burning ingredient used in it.Let’s see if adding these ingredients makes it Force Factor’s best supplement yet.

Which Ingredients Are Intended to Raise Testosterone?

The testosterone-boosting blend in Test X180 Ignite differs from the blends used in previous Force Factor Test X180 formulas. I looked for research on how these ingredients affect free and total testosterone levels.Force Factor Test X180 Ignite

This brand-name fenugreek extract contains 50% inside, the chemical found in fenugreek linked with giving men a T boost. Testofen has at least 1 clinical study showing it raises libido in men who don’t have erectile dysfunction. But, the dose used in the study was 600 mg Testofen, which is more than what’s included in it.[1]

Avena Sativa
WebMD says Avena Sativa is another name for oats or Panax pseudoginseng.[2] According to, there is an unpublished study showing the avenacosides in oats increase testosterone. [3] But, I couldn’t verify the validity or existence of this study.

Horny Goat Weed
Horny goat weed is used in Chinese herbal medicine as a treatment for male sexual conditions. [4] It contains a substance called icariin. Rats treated with icariin produced more testosterone and had fewer penile muscle cells decay.[5] No human studies have tested horny goat weed as a testosterone booster, but it increases nitric oxide production to enhance penile blood flow. [6]

What Are the Fat-Burning Ingredients?

Test X180 Ignite’s second blend has 4 ingredients, including caffeine which raises metabolism and enhances the effects of other fat-attacking chemicals. I summarized the research on the 2 most promising fat burners in the blend aside from caffeine.

Green Tea Leaf
Green tea leaves contain chemicals called catechins. According to a 2009 meta-analysis, green tea catechins decrease body weight or promote weight loss maintenance. These effects are usually small, though, and vary depending on how much caffeine people habitually take and other factors. [7]

Green Coffee Bean
Unroasted coffee beans have more chlorogenic acid than roasted coffee beans do. Scientists tested whether chlorogenic acid from green coffee beans promoted weight loss in a 2012 study. After 22 weeks, study participants had lost weight and reduced BMIs. But, the lowest dose used was 700 mg, which is higher than the amount in it.[8]

Is Test X180 Ignite a Decently Priced Supplement?

Considering this product serves two purposes—testosterone boosting and fat burning—men who use Test X180 Ignite save money because they don’t have to buy multiple supplements. From that perspective, the $80 price attached to Test X180 seems reasonable. Men could easily spend more than $80 per month on diet pills and male enhancement products.

However, there are other fat-burning testosterone boosters available. For example, MyoShred has many of the same ingredients as Test X180 Ignite, including caffeine anhydrous, green tea, and fenugreek. But, MyoShred doesn’t use proprietary blends and costs around $50 a bottle.

Clearly, Test X180 Ignite isn’t the only supplement intended to have raise testosterone while reducing fat mass, nor is it the least expensive option for a 2-in-1 supplement with those purposes. Test X180 Ignite’s price isn’t unreasonable, but price conscious consumers may want to compare several products before settling on Test X180 Ignite.

When Should Test X180 Ignite Be Taken?

Men using Test X180 Ignite should use it twice daily. Always take the first 2-capsule dose with breakfast. Take the second dose 20 to 30 minutes before your workout or with lunch on days you don’t exercise.

What’s the Bottom Line on Test X180 Ignite?

The concept behind Test X180 Ignite is ingenious: raise testosterone while eliminating unnecessary fat cells. Most ingredients in Test X180 Ignite have research showing they support one of those fitness goals. But, not all of Test X180 Ignite’s ingredients are included in clinically tested dosages. Nevertheless, this male supplement has a fair price and may help men achieve higher levels of performance and better weight loss than they could without it.

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