Lip Lift Surgery: Which Procedures Might Be Right For You?

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A lip lift – also called a midface lift or a SMAS face-lift – is one of the most effective ways to tighten sagging skin and moisturize fat.

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What Is Lip Lift Surgery?

A lip lift procedure is a type of cosmetic surgery that is undertaken to modify the appearance of a patient’s lips. This is done through a process of reshaping the lips in order to modify the vermilion border(The area of demarcation that lies between the lips and the rest of the skin on the face)in a way that increases its prominence. Lip lifts also serve to give a cosmetically enhanced look to the area of skin above the lips.

What Is Lip Lift Surgery?: BestSuggestor

Patients who undergo lip lift surgery obtain the benefit that it improves many of the common signs of ageing and returns a younger, more vibrant look to the patient’s face around the area of the lips. Lip lift surgery also creates a unique look to the lips that is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There are several major variations of the lip lift that are commonly performed on a regular basis by cosmetic surgeons.

Direct Lip Lift

The direct lip lift is a procedure that increases the vermilion’s prominence. This is accomplished by the removal of skin as required to achieve the desired effect. The skin is removed from the white line of skin bordering the vermilion or from above it. This causes a reshaping of the lips by moving up the vermilion and increasing the way that it projects.

Indirect Lip Lift

The indirect Lip Lift Surgery is a lift in which an ellipse of tissue is removed from under the patient’s nose and the skin is raised up to lift the lift, thereby exposing a larger portion of the upper part of the vermilion.

Corner Of Mouth Lift

The corner-of-the-mouth type of lip lift is a procedure in which an excision of the skin around the lips is lifted in order to enhance the corners of the lips. This is also referred to as a smile lip lift.

V-Y Augmentation

The third variation of a lip lift is a V-Y augmentation in which an incision is made inside the mouth that causes a loosening of the vermilion and mucosa. These are then lifted and secured and the scar tissue is completely inside the mouth

Who Is Lip Lift Surgery For?

Who Is Lip Lift Surgery For? : BestSuggestor

Lip lift surgery is an ideal procedure for anyone who wants to either enhance the look of their lips or return their lips to the state they were when they were younger. Ageing has an indisputable effect on the lips and often leads to drooping as well as wrinkles in the lip area. Patients who are looking to reverse these effects may well be ideal candidates to have the lip lift procedure done.

  • Lip lifts are also ideal for patients who are looking to enhance their smile or return it to what it once was.
  • Lip lifts are highly successful and lifting up the patient’s lip in order to reveal the upper teeth, is a critical part of a great smile.
  • Lip lifts are perfect for patients who want to get rid of downward turning corners of the mouth that can make it seem as if they are a permanent frown. It is also a perfect procedure for patients who have thin lips or lips in which the bottom lip overhangs.

The most important factor to consider when making the decision to have lip lift surgery, or any other cosmetic surgery, performed, is that you want to receive the best care possible. It is critical that you do your due diligence in researching to find the best surgeon available in your area to help give you the enhanced looks that you desire.

Where to Go for a Lip Lift Procedure?

Where to Go for a Lip Lift Procedure?: BestSuggestor

If you are looking for lip lift surgery in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area then Premier Image Cosmetic and Laser Surgery is the choice to make. Premier Image Cosmetic and Laser Surgery has been in business for nearly 50 years, serving the residents of the greater Atlanta region. The team at Premier Cosmetic and Laser Surgery is headed up by board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Kristin Boehm and Dr. Louis DeJoseph. The practice’s many decades of service to its patients is a true testament to the quality of care that you will receive when you go in for plastic surgery.

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